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Adopted Cats

Refillary Feline Graduates

Current Shop Cat:


Tabby Female

Cheeta arrived 3/24/23 in fairly rough shape! She has food allergies which caused her skin to be very itchy and she started overgrooming to the point of hairlessness! She's now on a food she's not allergic to and getting over her obsessive grooming. This little girl is very sweet and is quite a talker!

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Orange Marbled Tabby Male

Arrived 2/24/23, this big guy is a lover. He doesn't care much for other cats and would happiest as an only child but loves people and kids! He's a bit skiddish yet here at the shop but we are certain he'll get used to it soon.

Adopted 3/20/23


Tabico Female

Henley is greatly missed and was adopted by a lovely couple with a friendly dog. She is very well loved and living her best life!


Marcel & Marisol

Long hair tabby male & Tuxedo female

This husband and wife team had a litter of kittens together who were all adopted but they were left behind. A lovely local couple adopted them and they are now spoiled rotten.


Spotted tabby

This little guy was so shy that it's a good thing he got scooped up and is living the bachelor life in Wash Park! So handsome!



Black male

This large handsome fellow was our first foster cat and he made himself right at home. He didn't last long! He got adopted and now is spoiled rotten with his new calico sister.

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