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GreenSol - Dishwasher Gel

Denver-made Unscented Dishwasher Gel

GreenSol - Dishwasher Gel

This Fragrance-Free Dishwasher gel provides plant-based power at a high concentration, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh, naturally! The highly powerful water softeners
in this formulation make it effective even in very hard water conditions.

Ingredients: Water
• Trisodium methyglyciene diacetate (water softener)
• Sodium Citrate (water softener)
• Sodium Polyacrylate (bio-based soil dispersant)
• Alcohols, C12-14 (plant-based cleaning agent)
• Citric acid (plant-based pH adjuster)
• Broad spectrum enzyme blend
• Xanthan gum (plant-derived thickener)
• 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (synthetic preservative)

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