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How does this work?

Great question! We buy personal care and cleaning products in bulk so you can come in a refill your shampoo or lotion or all-purpose cleaner containers instead of buying a new single-use plastic container.

  1. Either 'borrow' a donated jar/container or bring in your own jar/container

  2. Weigh the jar and write the weight on the jar

  3. Fill your jar with whatever lovely goodness you desire

  4. After you've filled your desired jars, bring them to get checked out

  5. We are here to help at any time and are happy to help weigh and fill jars or answers any questions you might have

Where are your products made?

ALL of our products are manufactured in the USA! That is why you may see some different offerings than other similar shops carry. A good example are the wood-handled scrub brushes; if you see these in other shops or online you can be assured that these are bought from China and re-branded. 

Do you support local businesses?

We try our absolute best to source our products from Colorado. Sadly this isn't always possible but look for the "Local" stamp on the product description to see if you are supporting a Colorado business.

Do you take donated jars?

Yes! We will accept most glass jars and potentially some plastic and silicone as long as they are clean and have water-tight lids. They need to be dishwasher safe so that we can be sure that we are providing clean jars for the other customers.

Can I bring my own containers?

We encourage it! The premise of our shop is to help you reuse what you already have. Please just be sure that your containers are clean and totally dry. Our products are eco- and people-friendly which means they don't have a bunch of gross preservatives; the downside is that they can be contaminated more easily if put into a dirty or wet container.

Do you have jars for purchase?

We have a small collection of jars for purchase. We still encourage you to reuse jar you already have but we also understand that sometimes you just want something different!

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, we can not provide refunds or returns. All sales are final.

I have a suggestion for a product for your shop, what should I do?

Tell us! You can use the Contact page on this website or email us at or come on into the shop and let us know!

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