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Personal Care

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Baby Specific

By popular demand a section of our refill bucket garden has been dedicated to the youngest of our community.

Lotion: $0.60/oz
Balm: $1.65/oz

Better Living and Home - Deodorants

Hand-crafted and plastic free deodorant made with natural ingredients, made without water so a little goes a long way. Comes in a biodegradable push up tube to really drive home the low-waste living.

We carry a variety of scents and change it up on occasion, so stop by to give them a smell!


Better Living and Home - Lip Balm

Hand-crafted and plastic free, this lip-balm comes in a biodegradable package that is sure to keep your lips moisturized and your waste down.


Bubble Bath

Currently testing recipes!


Essential - Lotion

A selection of lotions from Essential that includes an MSM formula, goat milk formula, as well as scents Rosehip and Hibiscus, and Olive and Green Tea.


Huppy - Mouthwash Tabs

Based in California Huppy now makes mouthwash tabs that replace those bulky mouthwash bottles, perfect for on the go or air travel!


Huppy - Tooth Tabs

Based in California Huppy makes Tooth tabs that replace toothpaste, and thus eliminate those impossible to recycle toothpaste tubes. Refillary caries Charcoal Mint, Peppermint, and Watermelon Strawberry to make switching the whole family over to tooth tabs easy.


Lotion Bar Nibs

Colorado-made lotion bar nibs! Plastic and guilt free!


Mosquito Repellent

Colorado-made mosquito repellent!


Rustic Strength - Lotion

Our favorite scents from Rustic Strength in their clean, simple ingredients lotion. Lotions are light enough to use on the face or all over. We offer Eucalyptus Tea Tree, Lemon Ginger, and Lilac


Tallow Balm & Whipped Lotion

Colorado-made tallow balm and whipped tallow lotion

$5/oz balm
$8/oz whipped
$9/oz vanilla infused whipped

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