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All Purpose Cleaners

Baking Soda

Just what it says on the tin

There is plenty of jobs around the house that just need a little extra oomph when you are scrubbing. Throw some baking soda on that tough to get stain and your elbow grease will go a lot further. Mix with vinegar for those crazy tough stains.


Boulder Clean - Granite Cleaner - Lavender Vanilla

Works wonders to bring shine to your natural sealed stone. Also works well for chrome, marble and stainless!


Citric Acid

Simply Citric Acid


Good Hands Cleaning Tabs

Concentrated cleaning tabs...just add water!

$2.50 each

Green Llama Cleaning Tabs

Concentrated cleaning tabs

$2.50 each

Symbiotic All-Purpose Spray Sheets

Put half a sheet in your 16oz spray bottle and get your cleaning on!


Toilet Bombs

House-made toilet bombs



White 30% Vinegar


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