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Azure Clean - Laundry Powder

Unscented & Lavender

Elevate your laundry routine with the relaxing scent of lavender. Each load of laundry will emerge bright, fresh and clean with minimal environmental and health impact. Washing-time Laundry Powder can make washing time fun!

Azure Clean - Laundry Powder

Sort and wash garments by color. Highly concentrated for less waste. Use appropriate detergent for your machine. Loading (HE): 2 tablespoons. Loading Top Loading Machine: 3 tablespoons. Add detergent, water, then laundry to your machine Always wash similar colors together, and follow machine manufacturer’s instructions.

sodium sulfate (mineral), sodium carbonate (mineral), zeolite (mineral), lauryl methyl ester sulfonate (plant), alcohol alkoxylate (plant), sodium percarbonate (mineral), methylglycinediacetic acid-sodium salt (synthetic, EPA safer chemical listed), sodium silicate (mineral), sodium citrate (plant), sodium metasilicate (mineral), protease (plant), TAED (synthetic EPA safer chemical listed), carboxymethylcellulose (plant), sodium polyacrylate (synthetic, EPA safer chemical listed), biodegradable polymer (synthetic), amylase (plant), cellulase (plant), and natural fragrances (plant) unless package is “fragrance free”. Any fragrances used are ISO 9235 certified as natural.

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