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Dropps - Unscented

Unscented laundry pods for those of us with extra sensitive skin or noses. In a world dominated by fragrance, strive to be different.

Safe for even the most delicate skins

One pod will clean one load of laundry, and leave them smelling like, well nothing.

Dropps - Unscented

Fragrance free
Dye free
Enzyme free
Phosphate free
Phthalate free
Paraben free
Optical brightener free Never tested on animals

Ingredients: Alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylated (surfactant)*, glycerin (processing aid)*, C10-16 alkyl glucoside (surfactant)*, water (solvent), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (chelator)*, lauramine oxide (surfactant)*, polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) with bittering agent (synthetic water soluble film)*. *Denotes plant or mineral origin.

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