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Secondhand September... and You!

Okay… I need to admit my tardiness on this post. It’s already the 8th of September and I’m trying to talk to you about a September themed idea!

Clearly I’m not on top of my game always, nor perfect. I forget my grocery bags sometimes. I don’t always remember to pick the lowest waste option when there are options. Recycling itself is far from perfect. Various sources have different takes on the efficacy of recycling and different areas may or may not even have recycling options.

But there is something we can all do that helps recycle and works 100% of the time!

What is this amazing thing you ask?

Using things AGAIN.

I know, I know. That seems simplistic. But that’s the truth. Reusing a plastic container you have has 100% reduced that single-use plastic. Reusing a plastic bag (from that time you forgot your cloth ones at the grocery store) has reduced single-use plastic (then you can go recycle it at the grocery store.) Shopping at Goodwill or ThredUp or Buffalo Exchange or any other number of secondhand shops just gave new life to an article of clothing that could have easily ended up in a landfill after one wear.

And that’s the premise of “Secondhand September!” started the idea of Secondhand September to help slow down ‘fast fashion.’ But truly this works everywhere. Here at Refillary we certainly secondhand bottles, containers and jars of all shapes and sizes. We use old towels and fabric t

o make our drip cloths. All of the furniture we used to decorate the shop is secondhand, sometimes third hand!

Their website has a place to sign up to ‘commit’ to living 100% secondhand in September. However, I just want to tell you, I’m proud of you for trying to use something again ANYTIME of the year. Life is hectic, busy, intimidating and exhausting sometimes and if you can come in and refill your hand soap then I think you’re winning.

So maybe this month instead of trying to say you’ll secondhand EVERYTHING, try to reuse something you never reused before once and see how it goes. Or before you buy that new shirt at the mall, see if there is something that would fit the bill at a secondhand shop (you will probably save some money too!) Or maybe even come in to the shop and try refilling something you haven’t tried before (shameless plug!)

Whatever it is, let us know what you secondhanded this month! Know that we are proud of you for trying. And have a lovely, Secondhand September.

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